Welcome to our Online Store

Founded at the year 2000 we are in business more than 10 years now.

Our mission is to build an inspired, dedicated team to deliver all the best in sexual technologies in a manner that demonstrates our respect for our clients as healthy, intelligent, sexually adventurous adults.

Our commitment is to provide discreet and convenient access to high quality products at a reasonable price, and to provide educational, networking and entertainment resources to support the development of the communities we serve.

Once the web came along, it was a natural transition for us, since we had already been doing online commerce for a few years by then. Good, honest writing, quality customer service, fast shipping, and reasonable prices are some of what helped build our solid reputation.

Our target is to satisfy you and get a customer who likes to come back to our shop! We always try to make the best possible prices and support to you. We will add some services and a lot of products regulary. So check in often to see the new products and features we will add soon!


Communication Language

Although you can enjoy our website in multiple languages the main language to communicate with us should be ENGLISH.


Need Informations

If you need any information don't hesitate to contact us with our contact formular on this website! We will answer any question you could have to help you as quick as possible!