Hygostar SAFE LIGHT, Nitrile Disposable Gloves, Powder-free, Black, L, 100 pieces

Nitrile is a synthetic material that is superior to other materials in many areas. Biggest advantage: Nitrile is 100% free of latex proteins and therefore very kind to the skin. The disposable gloves SAFE LIGHT are universally applicable and always bring top performance. As a powder-free nitrile gloves, the Safe Light is especially kind to the skin. Ideal for those who "work" long and frequently with disposable gloves. Optimal fit and a comfortable fit are guaranteed. The nitrile glove SAFE LIGHT reliably protects against infections and is approved, for example, for the handling of cytostatics. Qualified as medical devices acc. 93/42 / EEC: EN 455, AQL 1.5 Food harmless gem. 90/128 / EEC and ISEGA tested PSA products Cat III, certified acc. PSA Directive 89/686 / EEC: Resistant to many chemical splashes and disinfectants / cleaners: EN 374 Resistant to cytostatic agents: ASTM D6978-05