Cobeco Fabulous Breasts Duo Pack, 45 Tabs & 30ml (1 oz) Cream

CC Fabulous Breasts Duo Pack contains both the CC Fabulous Breasts Tablets and the CC Fabulous Breast Cream. The perfect combination for an optimal breast size. For fuller breasts Features: - Stimulates the growth of the breast tissue - Supports the breast muscles - Lifts the breasts in a natural way and provides more volume C.C. Fabulous Breasts Tablets contribute in a natural way to fuller breasts. This balanced nutritional supplement makes the breasts firmer and lifts them from inside out. The unique formula based on natural ingredients supports the breast muscles and the growth of the breast tissue, and breast volume. CC Fabulous Breasts Cream is an exclusive cream that tightens and enlarges the breasts in a unique way. Supports the natural beauty.