Cobeco Big Boy, Golden Erect Long Lasting Capsules, 8pcs

Enhances the male genital blood circulation and helps to induce the erection thanks to Ginkgo Biloba and Ginseng. Features: - Supports the erection - Improves the sexual performance - Supports energy and increases endurance Big Boy Golden Erect improves the blood flow to the male genitals and supports an erection. These capsules also support the body with extra energy and increases endurance. Big Boy Golden Erect stimulates sexual desire and libido. Supports an erection and the sexual performance.

per 2 capsules: 300 mg Ginseng (Eleutherococcus senicosus), 63 mg Ginkgo biloba, 264 mg Vitamin C (330% RDA*), 0,75 mg Vitamin B12 (30% RDA*), 15 mg Vitamin B3 (94% RDA*), Caffeine, Anti-caking agent: E551 and E572, Filler: Rice Flour. *RDA = Recommended Daily Allowances